As long as you can walk, know your right from your left, and like to laugh, you can learn to square dance. Together with seven other people in your square, your goal is to execute directions given by the caller, all at a brisk walking pace. It's literally teamwork set to music.

Speaking of music, today's square dance uses a wide variety of tunes. We've danced to hits such as Shut Up And Dance, Uptown Funk, Call Me Maybe or Blurred Lines, as well as classic hits such as Thriller or Ghostbusters. We've also danced to show tunes, classical and traditional music. The music choice all depends on the instructor.

If you're a step-counter, you'll easily log up to 3,000 steps per class.

BEGINNING Square Dance Lessons

Glenview Squares, in partnership with the Glenview Park District, offers Beginning Square Dance Lessons twice a year -- once in September, and again in late January.

The Beginning Square Dance course consists of two 9-week sessions. Students will learn approximately 50 square dance calls, from Circle Left to Grand Square and more. Each week students will be introduced new calls and review what was previously taught. At the end of the course, students should be ready to attend Glenview Squares Club Dances.

No partner needed, no experience required! Plenty of experienced square dancers volunteer their time each week to partner-up with new dancers whenever needed.

FALL/WINTER 2019: Beginning Square Dance Lessons

Sept 3, 2019 to Jan 14, 2020

WINTER/SPRING 2020: Beginning Square Dance Lessons

Starts Jan 21, 2020 (through May 2020)

INTERMEDIATE Square Dance Lessons

Sept. 3, 2019 through May 2020

Glenview Squares, in partnership with the Glenview Park District, offers Intermediate Square Dance Lessons once a year, starting in September.

The Intermediate Square Dance course consists of four 9-week sessions, running from September through the end of May of the following year.
Dancers who have learned the first 50 calls will go on to learn the next 50 calls, which will allow them to attend Plus-Level dances hosted by Chicago-area Square Dance clubs.

Prerequisite: Students must be proficient in Club 50 (Beginning) Square Dance calls.
Students enrolling after September 17 must have instructor approval.

Beginning and Intermediate Square Dance Lessons are held at the Glenview Park Center, 2400 Chestnut, Glenview, Ill., on Tuesday evenings from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm. People with a Household Number from the Glenview Park Center may register online here.

A MESSAGE TO MEN About (Square) Dancing

It's well known that many people of the male persuasion are hesitant to (learn to) dance. Don't believe us? Check out this humorous article in the The New Yorker entitled 'Men and Dancing'.  

We've put together some advice aimed at men who may be hesitating over the idea of learning to Square Dance. (Women attempting to persuade their Significant Other to try Square Dancing may also find the advice useful.)

Check out this Advice Letter, penned by Bruce Holmes, about men and Square Dancing.

Questions? Email Lesson Coordinator Phil Moulden, pcmoulden@comcast.net



Square dance lessons are supported by the Glenview Park District in partnership with the Glenview Square Dance Club.




Arlene Kaspik

We're excited to have Arlene Kaspik as our instructor for the Beginning Square Dance lessons. Arlene began calling in 2005, is one of the club callers for Chi-Town Squares, and also teaches and calls for a number of other clubs in the Chicago metro area. She enjoys teaching beginners thru 'plus' levels, as well as providing a taste of square dancing for community events.  She also teaches 'styling' each year, during the Illinois State Square Dance Convention.


James Cha

James Cha will be stepping up as instructor for the intermediate Square Dance Lessons starting in September 2018. James has been dancing with Glenview Squares since 2004 and has been a caller since 2017. In his other life, he has taught many workshops and training sessions, so teaching the intricacies of Mainstream and Plus calls will be a walk in the proverbial park.


Additional Support for Students


The Lessons page on our Shutterfly site has a wealth of information to help our new students learn to Square Dance.  In addition to tracking the calls that are taught each week, we post links to videos, animated instructions, and other useful information to make learning easier.  There's also information about upcoming special events, dancing tips and tricks (and more).



Phil Moulden & Joy Nachtrab are our Lesson Coordinators.  Besides taking care of the weekly lesson logistics, they keep students informed of new dancer dances and events where they can use what they have learned in class.   With creativity and enthusiasm the coordinators work to make sure everyone (including club members who help at lessons) is having fun!

Our Square Dance Angels

"Angels" are experienced Glenview Squares club members who attend the lessons. They partner up with new dancers to help them learn and ensure everyone is having fun! 

Lesson Location


Lessons are conducted on the second floor at the Glenview Park Center, located at 2400 Chestnut in Glenview, Illinois.