FAQ For New & Prospective Square Dancers

Q: When and where do you dance?

A: See our Dance Schedule page for information about where and when we dance.  Lessons are held on Tuesday evenings starting in September and January.  See our Lessons page for more information.

Q: Why lessons? Can’t I just go to a dance?

A: You need to learn a collection of calls and be able to respond to them. To function as a member of the team you have to learn the language. Luckily the lessons are fun. Mastering something is fun. And the end of each lesson is a short dance geared to what you’ve learned so far.

Q: What is Club 50 (or the Club 50 Program)?

A: Club 50 is a square dance program designed to get you Square Dancing in a short period of time.  As a new dancer, you can learn the 50 calls more quickly – enabling you to share the fun, fitness and friendship of Square Dancing sooner!

Until recently, Square Dance Clubs in the Chicagoland area taught new dancers over 100 calls before they could participate in a dance.  This level of proficiency takes 9 months or longer to achieve. Now, more and more clubs across the country are teaching the Club 50 program and, more importantly, including Club 50 tips at their regular dances so newer dancers can join the fun. Glenview Squares is proud to be able to offer this program for new dancers.

If you're curious, feel free to click this <link> to see the "calls" included within the Club 50 List.

Q: What about those puffy dresses? 

A: Ah, the crinolines. That did used to be the standard look at square dances. These days, though, people wear whatever they like. You’ll see Hawaiian shirts, polo shirts, t-shirts, jeans, short skirts, prairie skirts - whatever works for you. Good walking shoes come highly recommended!

Q: What if I can’t dance?

 A: No dancing ability is required. Square dancing is basically walking to music. If you can walk on the beat it’s a shade more fun, but no one will ever notice if you don’t. Square dancing is perfect for people who hate flailing away on a dance floor.

Q: I'm a guy, and I'm not sure if Square Dancing is for me?  Similarly, I'm a women trying to get my significant other (or guy friends) to try Square Dancing - Help!

A: Check out this letter, penned by Bruce Holmes, providing advice for men who may be hesitant to try Square Dancing.

Q: What if I don’t love Country Music? 

A: Well, yes, you may hear some country music at a dance. But it’s today’s country. You’ll also hear all sorts of tunes. Callers are always looking for catchy new music. “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen has the perfect beat for square dancing, as do hits by artists such as Bruno Mars, Pink and Meghan Trainor.

Q: Can I come without a partner?

A: Absolutely.