As long as you can walk, know your right from your left — and like to laugh — you can learn to square dance. 

Today’s square dance uses a variety of music. We've danced to new hits such as All About the BassCall Me Maybe or Blurred Lines, as well as older favorites such as Thriller or Ghostbusters. We've also danced to show tunes, classical and traditional music. The music choice all depends on the instructor.

If you’re a step-counter, you’ll easily log 3,000 to 4,000 steps per class. 

We welcome singles and couples of all ages.

What's this Thing About Men and (Square) Dancing?

It's well know that many, although not all, men are hesitant to (learn to) dance.  Don't believe us, feel free to Google it or check out this humorous article in the The New Yorker titled 'Men and Dancing'.  While we think we have a handle on some of the reasons, what advice can we offer for men who are hesitant to try Square Dancing; or women trying to get their significant other (or guy friends) to try Square Dancing?  Well, check out this letter, penned by Bruce Holmes, providing advice for men & women about Square Dancing.


Beginning Square Dance Lessons are held at the Glenview Park Center, in Glenview, Ill., on Tuesday evenings from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm.  Each week you’ll learn new calls and review calls from prior sessions. No experience needed, no partner needed, no fancy clothes needed.

To get more information: reach out to our Lesson Coordinators Carol & Phil Moulden at pcmoulden@comcast.net.  They will be glad to answer any questions you may have.


Dancers who have completed the Beginning Square Dance Lessons (or can dance at the Club 50 Level) can continue learning intermediate calls during the Intermediate Square Dance class.  This class is offered beginning in September of each year, and teaches students the remaining calls to be able to dance at the 'Plus' Level.


Square dance lessons are supported by the Glenview Park District in partnership with the Glenview Square Dance Club.




Arlene Kaspik

We're excited to have Arlene Kaspik as our instructor for the Intermediate Square Dance lessons. Arlene began calling in 2005, is one of the club callers for Chi-Town Squares, and also teaches and calls for a number of other clubs in the Chicago metro area. She enjoys teaching beginners thru 'plus' levels, as well as providing a taste of square dancing for community events.  She also teaches 'styling' each year, during the Illinois State Square Dance Convention.


Bruce Holmes

We are also excited to have Bruce Holmes as the instructor for the Beginning Square Dance lessons.  Bruce has spent much of his life teaching. He taught Aikido at Northwestern for seven years, a folk dance group in Evanston and Chicago for about a decade and for several years gave juggling workshops. He's a triathlon coach certified by the US Olympic Committee, was the coach for Oakton Chess (taking the team to two state championships), coached AYSO soccer and was a teacher of the Feldenkrais method. He still sells a CD containing 48 of the Feldenkrais Lessons.  Bruce is the author of two SciFi novels, and an award-winning singer/songwriter with two CDs out (both charted).  He first tried square dancing when he was eleven. Fifty-eight years later it's still the most fun he's ever found.


Additional Support for Students


The Lessons page on our Shutterfly site has a wealth of information to help our new students learn to Square Dance.  In addition to tracking the calls that are taught each week, we post links to videos, animated instructions, and other useful information to make learning easier.  There's also information about upcoming special events, dancing tips and tricks (and more).


Carol & Phil Moulden are our Lesson Coordinators.  Besides taking care of the weekly lesson logistics, they keep students informed of new dancer dances and events where they can use what they have learned in class.   With creativity and enthusiasm the coordinators work to make sure everyone (including club members who help at lessons) is having fun!

Our Square Dance Angels

"Angels" are experienced Glenview Squares club members who attend the lessons. They partner up with new dancers to help them learn and ensure everyone is having fun! 

Lesson Location


Lessons are conducted on the second floor at the Glenview Park Center, located at 2400 Chestnut in Glenview, Illinois.