Glenview Squares in the News 

Pioneer Press Coverage of Glenview Squares (1/24/2018)

Check out the Pioneer Press article about Glenview Squares. Click on the image on the left to see the article. If you click on the picture at the top of the article, there are seven pictures in total to view.

GVTV (Glenview Television) Coverage of Our Square Dance Intro Party (9/27/2016)

Check out Glenview Television's wonderful coverage of our Intro to Square Dance Party (hosted by the Glenview Park District and the Glenview Squares).  Click on the image on the left to see the video.

Chicago Tribune Covers Square Dance Intro Party in Glenview Announcements (8/29/2016)

About 70 people attended our Intro Party - about 30 of which were not members of Glenview Squares. Check out what a few of them said; and also hear from Club member Janice Cha and Caller Arlene Kaspik. Click on the images on the left to see the article.

GVTV (Glenview Television) Promoting Our August 28th Square Dance Intro Party (8/17/2016)

Glenview Television (GVTV) promo video for August 28, 2016 Square Dance Party.  Click on either of the images on the left to see the video.

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Glenview Squares is featured in the Glenview Lantern (7/28/2016)

Members of the Glenview Squares, including our Club Presidents, were interviewed for this article - talking about the upcoming Illinois State Square and Round Dance Convention.  Click on either of the images on the left to see a copy of the article.

Square Dancing Podcast by Northwestern University Journalism Student (2/22/2016)

Members of our Club, caller Bobby Poyner, and cuer Ray Bishop were interviewed during our February 5 dance to create this great podcast about square dancing - produced by Northwestern University Journalism student Alex K..  Check it out!

Glenview Lantern Article - 65-year-old square dancing club made young again (9/3/2015)

The Glenview Lantern featured Glenview Squares in their Life & Arts Section.  The article (link: 65-year-old-square-dancing-club-made-young-again) highlights what the Club has been doing to keep the square dance tradition alive, while simultaneously adapting to changing times to attract new dancers.  A copy of the article can also be obtained by clicking on the image to the right.

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CBS (Channel 2) TV Promotes Square Dancing - Featuring Glenview Squares & Others (2/11/2014)

On Tuesday Feb 11, 24 dancers from Glenview Squares, Arlington Squares and elsewhere, plus caller Tom Davis appeared LIVE on CBS2-TV to promote square dancing to the Chicagoland area.  CBS2 early morning reporter Vince Gerasole and his photographer (Lou Kleinberg) came to the Glenview Park Center to find out about Square Dancing.  Tom Davis did a wonderful job of keeping the music and atmosphere lively, and Vince did a terrific job in helping us market square dancing and show how much fun it is!  While some of the participants may have felt a bit crazy for getting up way before the sun, everyone enjoyed themselves and their passion for square dancing was clearly on display.

Check out the four segments that appeared on the broadcast.  The first video features Janice Cha.  Tom Davis stars in the second, while Linda and Chris Kious are both featured in the third video.  You can also check out the cameo (15 seconds of fame) appearance of Richard Frankel in the 4th video.  Enjoy, we did!

Were working on getting the videos directly on our site.  In the interim we thought we’d provide links to the videos on the CBS Chicago website.

For those interested, featured songs included Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke, What Does the Fox Say by Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis, Timber by Pitbull and Ke$ha, and the theme from Jurassic Park.

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GVTV (Glenview Television) Covering Our Square Dance Intro Party

On September 8th, the Glenview Squares hosted a "Taste of Today's Square Dance + Dessert" party at "The Glen" Park Center.  Callers Tom Davis & Arlene Kaspik, Club members, and a number of new dancers enjoyed dancing and demonstrations.  The event was covered by GVTV (Glenview Television) with Lisa Agngarayngay as our host. Check it out!