Glenview Square Dance Club officers are elected to serve our membership by governing Club operations.  The club's officers, along with our appointed (event, committee and other) members comprise our Board of Directors.  Our board establishes policy and provides overall direction for all club activities – including keeping the Club effective in pursuing our mission of promoting and enjoying square dancing.

Meet Our Board of Directors

Elected Officers


Handles correspondence from Club to members and maintains record of what has been sent out to whom. Serves as Registered Agent for Club with the Illinois Secretary of State.

vicki Jennings

Keeps track of Club income and expenses, pays Club’s bills and coordinates budgets. At Club dances, welcomes people while taking non-Club members’ money, takes attendance and sells Split the Pot tickets. And last but not least, keeps Club in good standing in the eyes of the IRS.



Coordinates Club dances by renting venues and hiring callers, schedules and runs Club meetings, and helps at lessons, events, stealing & retrieving. Serves as joint custodian (with Treasurer) of Club funds. Overall, keeps the Club moving ahead on an even keel. 

Vice President
phil & carol Moulden

In charge of publicity, flyers, communicating with other SD Clubs; stands in for the Presidents when needed.

recording Secretary
judy Wong

Records meeting minutes; reminds members of upcoming meetings; keeps Club records in order.


Appointed Board Members

sherry jost

Guides ‘MemCom’ members in recruiting and retaining new members of our Club. 

REFRESHMENT chairperson

Coordinates snack duties with Club members so no one goes hungry at GVS dances. 

mike altschuler

Rallies GVS members to attend other Club dances (aka ‘stealing’) in order to attract other Clubs’ members to pay return visits to OUR dances (aka ‘retrieving’).


Keeps people updated about Club events, activities and achievements of our many members. Newsletter could be digital or print, depending on the choice of whoever steps up as Editor. 

carolyn lopez

Keeper of photo albums and past info about our 66-year-old Club.

Venue & outreach
Janice Cha

Works with Glenview Park District with regard to lesson venues and info in the Park District’s Program Guides. Searches for non-traditional dance locations as well.

Outreach Coordinator
Janice Cha 

Seeks out new and creative places to promote our Club and square dancing. Also works on fundraising and special events.  

Lesson Coordinator
Janice cha & joy nachtrab

Keeps track of Beginning and Intermediate students and angels; brings registration supplies, badges, and posters each week to lessons; and makes sure new dancers are updated on key events.

MCASD Delegates
joy nachtrab & andy wolpa

Serve as our Club’s delegates at the Metropolitan Chicago Association of Square Dancers General Meetings, which take place three times a year.

ed friedman

Maintains and keeps our Club’s website sparkling and welcoming to visitors; keeps an eye on Club’s Facebook page and Shutterfly site.